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Peak Flow Meter

Besmed Peak Flow Meter is a hand-held monitoring device that measures Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) generated by the patient during a forced exhalation maneuver. It can be used to objectively measure PEF by tracking day-to-day changes in breathing patterns.

Part Number
  • PF-29100  Peak Flow Meter, Standard Range 50-800 L/min
  • PF-29200  Peak Flow Meter, Low Range 50-300 L/min
  • PF-29111  Durable Mouthpieces, Adult
  • PF-29211  Durable Mouthpieces, Child
  • Three color-coded areas indicator to ease for PEF score tracking.
  • Fully ergonomic and slip designs for grooved finger grip.
  • Comfortable mouthpiece with one-way valve design.
  • Optional shape to fit adult and child.
  • Measurement Range: Full (50-800 L/min) and Low (50-300 L/min)
  • The device is intended for a single user only.
  • Three-zone helps patients comply with treatment regimens. The color-coded indicators can be adjusted to delineate a patient's green, yellow, and red zones based on personal best peak flow. Color zones setting up shall be prescribed by your physician.
  • Accuracy: ±10%
  • PF-29100  40 Pcs/Case
  • PF-29200  40 Pcs/Case
  • PF-29111  100 Pcs/Case
  • PF-29211  100 Pcs/Case