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Double Port Breathing Mask

Easy to connect by air or oxygen safety port.
Easy to adjust the mask on face with convenient swivel port to reduce hose tension.

Part Number
  • CA-63530 Double Port Breathing Mask, Small
  • CA-63520 Double Port Breathing Mask, Medium
  • CA-63510 Double Port Breathing Mask, Large
  • Three colors identify different size with pressure monitoring port
  • Soft-touch cushion bounded with dome of mask to reduce the risk of leakage.
  • 1-way safety valve reduces rebreathing.
  • Swivel connector for easy connection with ventilator tube.
  • Eco-friendly soft touch material for comfort is applied for comfort.
  • Mask is assured not to be deflated.
  • S/M/L are available for adult.
  • Color Coded three adult sizes.
  • CA-63530  50Pcs/Case
  • CA-63520  50Pcs/Case
  • CA-63510  50Pcs/Case