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Hi-iNFLOW™ Nasal CPAP Kit

Besmed Hi-iNFLOW™ provides a complete care solution for infant CPAP. it can be compatible with all flow driver and humidifier in the neonatal in the neonatal ICU.

Part Number


  • CA-63701  Less than 700 grams, XS
  • CA-63702  700grams to 2000 grams, S
  • CA-63703  Over 5000 grams, M


  • CA-63720  Hi-iNFLOW™ Generator

Nasal Mask

  • CA-63811  Small
  • CA-63821  Medium
  • CA-63831  Large

Nasal Prongs

  • CA-63800  Extra Small
  • CA-63810  Small
  • CA-63820  Medium
  • CA-63830  Large
  • CA-63840  Extra Large
  • Low dead space
  • Light weight and flexible tubing
  • Compatible with nasal prong or mask

It is intended to be used for the administration of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) on continuously monitored neonatal and infant patients in the hospital/institutional environment.

Parts Including:

  • Bonnet
  • Nasal Prongs or Mask
  • Hi-iNFLOW™ Generator
  • Fastener Loop
  • Velcro Strip
  • Bonnet  240Pcs/Case
  • Nasal Prongs or Mask  240Pcs/Case
  • Hi-iNFLOW™ Generator  120Pcs/Case