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Nasal Prongs for BMFLOW™ & Hi-BMFLOW™

Besmed develops the infant interface for use with the Nasal CPAP and non-invasive support system.

Part Number
  • CA-63800  Nasal Prongs, Size XS
  • CA-63810  Nasal Prongs, Size S
  • CA-63820  Nasal Prongs, Size M
  • CA-63830  Nasal Prongs, Size L
  • CA-63840  Nasal Prongs, Size XL
  • Medical soft touch silicone, pliable and gentle on nares.
  • 3D-mask as per facial shape for optimal fit snugly.
  • Septum cut-away design to prevent septum injury.
  • Ideal size and depth prevents mask from touching the nose.
  • Interchangeable with prongs and masks.
  • Medical grade silicone material.
  • BPA Free, DEHP Free, Phthalate Free and Latex Free Material.
  • CA-63800  20/box, 240/case
  • CA-63810  20/box, 240/case
  • CA-63820  20/box, 240/case
  • CA-63830  20/box, 240/case
  • CA-63840  20/box, 240/case