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Bonnet for BMFLOW™ & Hi-BMFLOW™

Besmed infant interface is intened to use with the Bubble CPAP System, Nasal CPAP, and non-invasive support system.

Part Number
  • CA-63701  Size XS
  • CA-63702  Size S
  • CA-63703  Size M
  • CA-63704  Size L
  • CA-63705  Size XL
  • Anatomically designed.
  • Ideal size for selection.
  • Available five sizes of bonnet.
  • Size XS  <700grams (16-18cm)
  • Size S  700-2000grams (18-22cm)
  • Size M  2000-3000grams (22-26cm)
  • Size L  3000-4000grams (26-30cm)
  • Size XL  4000-4500grams (30-32cm)
  • CA-63701  30/box, 240/case
  • CA-63702  30/box, 240/case
  • CA-63703  30/box, 240/case
  • CA-63704  30/box, 240/case
  • CA-63705  30/box, 240/case