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Flow Sensor

Flow Sensor is the centerpiece of Ventilator device which provides with precise tide volume, flow and pressure of patient’s lung condition for professional’s evaluation.

Part Number
  • PO-85738  Flow Sensor for Hamilton Ventilator (3.3m)
  • PO-85739  Flow Sensor for Hamilton Ventilator (1.8m)
  • Roundish structure of pressure-flow location to assure the proximal flow measurement.
  • Tested with Hamilton-G5 Flow Sensor Calibration, Tightness P/V tool <150ml.
  • Sensor Connector: 22M/15F, 15M in accordance with ISO-5356-1.
  • Single patient use to reduce risk of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia.
  • Applicable for Adult and Pediatric.

Compatible with breathing circuit in use of Hamilton intensive care Ventilators, Hamilton-G5, GALILEO, Hamilton-C2, RAPHAEL, AMADEUS, VEOLAR device.

  • PO-85738  10/box, 100/Case
  • PO-85739  10/box, 100/Case