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NCAT™ Nasal Cannula

Besmed NCAT™ Nasal Cannula is designed to administrate oxygen therapy either high flow or low flow through nares for the patients aged from premature babies, infants to preteens.

Part Number
  • HF-60100  NCAT™ Nasal Cannula, White, Size 0
  • HF-60101  NCAT™ Nasal Cannula, Green, Size 1
  • HF-60102  NCAT™ Nasal Cannula, Blue, Size 2
  • HF-60103  NCAT™ Nasal Cannula, Orange, Size 3
  • HF-60104  NCAT™ Nasal Cannula, Yellow, Size 4
  • HF-60105  NCAT™ Nasal Cannula, Teal Blue, Size 5
  • HF-60106  NCAT™ Nasal Cannula, Purple, Size 6
  • These cannulas are good for either high flow in short or low flow therapy through nares.
  • NCAT-HOLD™ converges two tubes in one for individual need.
  • Soft touch tubes are comfortable to minimize friction and pressure on ears and faces.
  • Medical soft touch silicone, pliable and gentle on nares.
  • Anatomically curved for comfortable fit.
  • Size 0~6
  • HF-60100  10/box, 100/case
  • HF-60101  10/box, 100/case
  • HF-60102  10/box, 100/case
  • HF-60103  10/box, 100/case
  • HF-60104  10/box, 100/case
  • HF-60105  10/box, 100/case
  • HF-60106  10/box, 100/case