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Silicone T-Drains

Part Number
  • TD-11012  Silicone T-Drains, 12FR
  • TD-11014  Silicone T-Drains, 14FR
  • TD-11016  Silicone T-Drains, 16FR
  • TD-11018  Silicone T-Drains, 18FR
  • TD-11020  Silicone T-Drains, 20FR
  • TD-11022  Silicone T-Drains, 22FR
  • TD-11024  Silicone T-Drains, 24FR
  • Perfect integration of vertical/ horizontal lines to reduce removal pain.
  • Kink-free tubes to avoid any clogs while draining.
  • Radiopaque line for visualization.
  • Sterile Package with protective layer inside, ISO 11607-1:2019.
  • Conform to the biocompatibility requirement as per ISO10993.
  • TD-11012  20/box, 200/case
  • TD-11014  20/box, 200/case
  • TD-11016  20/box, 200/case
  • TD-11018  20/box, 200/case
  • TD-11020  20/box, 200/case
  • TD-11022  20/box, 200/case
  • TD-11024  20/box, 200/case